Air India Flight 182 Summary compiled from news clipping from the Mail, a London newspaper.

Air India Flight 182 23 June 1985, 120 miles south of the Irish Coast, from Toronto, Canada to London. 31000 feet, 1/4 second muffled sound then 40 millisecond sharp bang, data recorder abrupt halt, bodies missing sat in front of plane, vanished from radar screens, forward cargo hold suspect area, pathologist states victims died from decompression, no evidence of bomb or explosive device. Official explanation: bomb. Pattern fits inadvertent opening of forward lower lobe cargo door in Fl 103, 811, and 800. Unknown and unreported: status of latches on cargo door, if EPR blip on data recorder on engine 3 just before event, if radar blip seen just before event, if engine three had baggage debris ingested, destruction pattern starting at forward cargo door. Miscellaneous information: India was in the middle of political crisis with assasinations and bombing. India did not share recorder information with other investigators.

Comments: So many similarties to 103, 811, 800 make it probable that cargo door popped open More info needed and difficult to get.