Boeing 747-122, UAL Flight 811; and Boeing 747-121A, Pan Am Flight 103 Damage Patterns.
UAL Flight 811 after landing

Boeing 747-122, UAL Flight 811, with fuselage rupture above at cargo door area in NTSB photo. The picture above of the cargo door area matches the pictures and descriptive text of two other high time Boeing 747 accident reports, AI 182 CASB and India Aviation Occurrence, PA 103 UK AAIB 2/90., and TWA 800 NTSB reconstruction photo.

Above picture is from UK AAIB report and is a reconstruction drawing Boeing 747-121A, PA 103. Note match between UAL 811 on top and above picture in shape of hole when cargo door departs in flight. PA 103 door was broken in half longitudinally exactly like UAL 811. Further documentation on website


TWA 800 reconstruction
Air India Flight 182 door text
UAL Flight 811 Cargo Door picture
TWA Flight 800 Cargo Door pictures
TWA Flight 800 Cargo Door blowup pictures
TWA Boeing 747 paint Scheme