Boeing 747 Air India Flight 182 Essentials Canadian report

Fast and loose with cargo door. Took off late and at night. page 5

FDR hit and jolted or plane went left wing down. Abrupt power cut. page 22

Sound on CVR not like bomb. page 23

Sound matches explosive decompression of DC-10 caused by opening cargo door. page 23

No bomb; explosive decompression yes. page 24

Inflight damage severe on right side of aircraft. page 26

Right wing fillet inflight damage. page 29 and 30

Engine number 3 fodded, coming apart and fods engine 4. page 29

Wreckage plot, three areas. 1. Nose and wings, 2. Tail. 3. Engines. Three engines together and one alone near number 3 nacelle strut. page 32

Forward cargo door broken, damaged by outward force, important to retrieve but lost. page 34

Piece of forward cargo door has evidence of explosive force but no explosion residue or pitting from bomb. page 41

Could be explosive decompression as initial event. page 47

No fire or explosion in cabin or flight deck areas or on passengers. page 48

Right side of plane has inflight damage. Fod in engines 3 and 4. Failure of door would explain many observations. page 49 and 50

Explosion in forward cargo compartment explains observations. Explosive decompression which occurs when cargo door opens produces explosive effects.

Comment: Report received skewed from Canada and scanned as received. Observations by investigators are consistent with inadvertent opening of forward cargo door inflight.