Boeing 747 Pan Am Flight 103 essentials cargo door cause

Ten never recovered bodies. page 3

High internal pressure of 8.9 PSI. page 6

Sudden loud sound, abrupt power cut. page 15

No evidence of blast or sooting. Engine number 3 detached. page 17

Blast described as rather large shotgun. page 19 and 20

Locus of damage as forward cargo hold. page 22

High internal pressure inside fuselage. page 24

Number 3 engine lands alone and on fire and fodded.

In flight disintegration, no injuries from shrapnel or blast. page 30

Blast hole 18 to 20 inches in diameter. page 33

Items ejected left and right of aircraft. page 34

Items not named or listed or located on wreckage plot. Grammar error of 'included'. page 36

Items not named or listed and phrase repeated in non explosion section. Positive evidence not named. page 36

"No doubt" here but later refuted. page 37

Break up of aircraft is more likely the cause of the sound, not sound of explosion. page 38

Nose can come off quickly. page 41

Three engines, minus number 3, land together. page 43

Blast was 25 inches long and made hole 10 to 20 inches big. page 56

page 57

Radar return is cargo door spinning away. page C 11

Relatively mild blast made small hole. page F 4

Comment: Mild blast yes, big bomb no, and after cargo door comes off giving explosive decompression effects.