Starboard and Port side of Boeing 747-131, TWA 800, Fuselage Blowout

The reconstruction of Boeing 747-131, TWA 800, was smart, expensive, and valuable. It shows its worth. The destructive event is clear to see, a fuselage rupture at the forward cargo door, explosive decompression on the nearby skin, the door slamming upwards taking hinge and skin with it and hitting fuselage windows transferring red paint to the white paint between windows. The middle part of the door with critical midspan latches is missing. Nose is to right in this NTSB photo of starboard side, text and analysis by John Barry Smith
The picture above of the cargo door area matches the pictures and descriptive text of three other high time Boeing 747 accidents, AI 182 CASB and India Aviation Occurrence, PA 103 UK AAIB 2/90., and UAL 811 NTSB AAR 92/02.

Note relatively smooth area forward of the wing on port side, unlike starboard side. Nose is to left. Evidence indicates unilateral rupture, not center tank fire/explosion as initial event. Further documentation on website


TWA 800 reconstruction
Air India Flight 182 door text
UAL Flight 811 Cargo Door picture
TWA Flight 800 Cargo Door pictures
TWA Flight 800 Cargo Door blowup pictures
TWA Boeing 747 paint Scheme